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A confidential space to explore the thoughts, feelings and challenges in your life.

Psychotherapy for those times when professional help is needed to work through past issues, present circumstances, or feeling just not quite right

Online or in South Manchester

I have been in private practice as a therapist for 12 years in Chorlton, South Manchester and Online, and I offer both short-term (6-8 sessions) and open-ended therapy for individuals.

I am able to offer psychotherapy funded by insurance companies as well as privately. Insurance companies I work with include:

The therapy I offer is primarily Online. I also offer some in-person sessions at Counselling Rooms in Chorlton on Monday evenings.

Approach & Experience

The main models of therapy underpinning my work as a psychotherapist are Transactional Analysis and Relational Psychotherapy.

Transactional analysis looks at how we become who we are, and how we grow and change during the course of life. Relational Psychotherapy is an approach which believes in the centrality of the therapeutic relationship as the significant agent for change and successful therapy.

Please visit my Therapy Approach Page for a more detailed explanation of the theoretical models which underpin my work as a therapist and, as well as more detailed information about my qualifications and experience.

Issues I Can Help With

I have experience of helping people explore and work through more general concerns to do with a sense of discomfort, ' just not feeling right', and a sense of recurring life patterns or themes. Here are a few of the more common issues:

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Depression and low mood, including sadness, unhappiness and problems with motivation
  • Bereavement and Loss of a person or something important
  • Specialist Psychological Support for Migraine (fears, and anxieties and difficulty coping)
  • Relationship Issues or Difficulties
  • Sexuality and Other Identity Issues
  • Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Difficulties
  • Workplace Stress and other difficulties

Therapy can be short-term (lasting a few weeks), for several months, or it can last for a number of years when there is a long-term commitment to personal growth and development. There is no right or wrong length for therapy to last, but rather the duration of therapy is unique to you.

Decisions about how long you come to therapy for can be made at the beginning of the therapy or can be worked out as the therapy proceeds.

How Psychotherapy Can Help

People come to therapy for many reasons, and seek different kinds of help.

Some people decide to work with a therapist when they are struggling to resolve past issues. Others want to focus on present-centred issues and circumstances. There are no right or wrong reasons to seek therapy. All kinds of difficulty can be worked through.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or questions about beginning therapy, or how psychotherapy may be able to help you.

How to Contact Me or Book a Session

The quickest way to contact me is by email, but if you prefer to make a phone call or send a text message then please do use those methods. I may also be contacted through WhatsApp using 07891 613580 as the contact method.

I am usually available at various points throughout the day and often will respond to your message within 1-2 hours of receiving your message, (10am - 7pm Monday to Thursday). If this is not possible then I will respond to your enquiry on the next working day.

You can make an enquiry by sending me a text message or calling 07891 613580. Please also visit my Getting Started Page for information about the introductory session, fees and cancellations.

If you are not yet ready to book but would like more information you may find it useful to visit my Therapy Approach Page.

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