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Therapy Approach

Transactional Analysis is the main theory underpinning my work. I offer a flexible, adaptable approach including both short-term and long-term therapy.

Therapy Approach

Transactional Analysis is the main theory underpinning my work. This is a theory which can help us understand how we become who we are, and how we grow and change during the life course. With its focus on how people develop and change, it is a theory which can be used very effectively in psychotherapy and counselling to help work through difficulties in relationships or situations, to increase understanding of ourselves, and to gain relief from symptoms such as anxiety and depression. However, Transactional Analysis, also includes a relational depth theory which can be useful when deeper emotional change is needed.

Experience & Professional Practice

I currently work in private practice (online and in-person) with individuals. Therapy can be open-ended (for an indefinite period, the time frame worked out according to need as the therapy proceeds) or for an agreed number of sessions. We can discuss your particular needs when we first meet.

Previously, I worked at a Women’s Centre in Lancashire (for three years) where I provided psychotherapy and counselling under the umbrella of the NHS Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) initiative.

Qualifications & Professional Recognition

I am a Certified Transactional Analyst which means that I have completed training in transactional analysis psychotherapy and have passed both of the final exams (a written dissertation and an oral exam). I have 10 years of experience working as a therapist.

I am also a Registered Member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (Member Number 2011162409). UKCP is the leading organisation for psychotherapists in the UK. It regulates the profession and promotes access to psychotherapy for all.

I am also a Certified Cyber Therapist having completed training as an online therapist with the Online Therapy Institute.

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