Therapy with Liz


Getting Started

After your initial contact with me by email or phone we will arrange an initial assessment session. Some information is provided below about this session as well as some FAQs.

The Initial Consultation

This session provides an opportunity for us to meet, and for you to talk in more detail about yourself and your difficulties. It is also an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns.

If at the end we are both happy to proceed we can make a plan for your therapy, and arrangements for future sessions. However, if you need some time after this initial session, there is no obligation to book further sessions straight away. You may take as much time as you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the sessions be like?

At the first assessment session we will be working out together how I can help you with the difficulties you describe and the changes you want to make. The therapeutic relationship is a vital aspect of successful therapy so we will also be working out whether I am the right person for you, and whether you can feel comfortable talking with me. Towards the end of the session I will tell you how I think I can help you and we can decide together whether to continue beyond the first session, and whether how I feel I can help you fits with what you are looking for.

It is important to clarify from the outset that I do not offer advice, and my role is not to offer strategies to 'fix' your issues. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process in which to reflect, be curious, create new ways of understanding your difficulties and develop greater self-awareness. These aspects of psychotherapy form the foundations for any changes that you may then want to make.

The main approach I use is Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and you can find information about how transactional analysis understands human development and the nature of psychotherapy, as well as details about my experience and qualifications on the Therapy Approach page of this website.

How much do sessions cost?

I offer an introductory 40-minute session. This gives you the opportunity to meet me, ask any questions, and get a sense of whether you will comfortable discussing your thoughts and feelings with me. It is also an opportunity for me to find out more about you and to discuss with you how I can help you. I charge £40 for this session. Once we have decided to work together each session costs £60 and the duration of sessions is 50 minutes.

I offer a limited number of concessionary places. If you think that you may qualify please Contact Me for availability.

Fees are payable on the day of the session by bank transfer if sessions are online (either before or after the session). Cash payments are also possible for face-to-face sessions.

How often will I need to attend sessions?

Weekly sessions are preferable, at least initially. This is important for establishing the working relationship and for working through the issues that you are bringing to therapy. If there are life circumstances or cost considerations which make weekly sessions difficult for you do Contact Me and there may be some adjustments we can make to the frequency of your sessions

How many sessions will I need to attend?

This varies and will depend on the nature of the difficulties that you want to work through and how easy or challenging you find the therapeutic process. Also the length of time that the problems have been present in your life may be a factor.

However, generally a short-term therapy can be helpful for many people and you can expect to attend a minimum of 6 sessions and a maximum of 20 for this. Where long term therapy is needed then perhaps 1-3 years is a reasonable estimate.

What is important is that we continue to talk about what you are needing from psychotherapy and when is enough for you and an appropriate time to end.

Do you charge for cancellations?

If you need to cancel or change any appointment I will do my best to accommodate your request. However, as I have a busy schedule I do charge the full fee for any session cancelled when less than 48 hours notice has been provided.

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