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I write... occasionally. I write blog posts and articles which sometimes are featured in psychotherapy and counselling publications. The blogs are shown below.

As I say on other pages on this website, people come to therapy for many reasons. These can include struggling to work through past issues, focusing on current problems, and wanting to feel better. An increasingly common reason, though, is to get to know yourself better. In essence, to be clear about their identity. Identity […]

How does psychotherapy help? This is a big question of course. Beginning psychotherapy and counselling is a significant and potentially life-changing decision to make. However, if you are considering beginning therapy it can be helpful to look at some of the ways in which psychotherapy and counselling is known to have helped, and also some […]

An article I was reading recently addressed a myth of psychotherapy and counselling. In essence, whether everyone can receive benefits from psychotherapy. The author held a personal belief that most people can benefit in some way or another but I think that whether this is an accurate statement will depend on what “benefit” is taken […]

With online working being a familiar discussion topic since the Coronavirus lockdown began, and more recently discussions about returning to normal working, it might seem that online working has been a novel response to the pandemic. This may be true for many types of work and activity but online therapy has been around for a […]

For people seeking guidance or suffering from mental health problems, the ability to reach out to a professional online is a major boon. As technology has evolved, therapists have made online counselling services a much larger part of their offering.In these troubling times, the importance of online therapy has become more apparent than ever. With […]

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on what kind of therapy works for you. When thinking about the mode - whether to visit your therapist in an actual therapy room or to do some kind of online therapy there might be several different things to think about. Firstly, are you someone […]

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